9/11–Never Forget…

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Twelve years ago, September 11, 2001 nearly 3000 people lost their lives due to terrorist actions carried out by Al-Queda.  Today we remember all of those who died, or were injured–physically, or emotionally, on that day.  We also remember all of those that reached out to help.  Firemen, police officer, EMTs, doctors, nurse, and even “ordinary” citizens all played a role.

We must never forget what these terrorists did, and we must always remember all of those who helped us get through it–including those from other countries.  As long as we are able to come together as one in times of crisis, the terrorists can never defeat us.



Thank You Veterans!

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To honor our veterans.  Please remember the real reason for the holiday–and it’s not shopping!

Freedom is not free.

What Has the Obama Administration Accomplished?

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Just a reminder, here’s what the Obama administration achieved:

Passed Obamacare, the biggest power grab of individual rights by the government in history, should have been declared unconstitutional but the Supremes made the wrong decision. Lots of hidden taxes in this bill too—for example, medical devices. Every country, France, Canada, and so on that has gone to a single payer system (which is what this is leading us to) has had problems—particularly with long waits to see specialists, or to get operations. That’s why many, from Canada and other countries, come here—otherwise they end up waiting 6 months or more to get life-saving operations done!

Spent millions of taxpayer dollars (your money) on  “job stimulus” bills, and on “shovel-ready projects” that failed to produce any meaningful change in the unemployment rate

Failed in his promise to get unemployment under 8% if the job stimulus bill was passed. It is barely below 8% because people have dropped off the rolls and stopped looking for work. Unemployment amongst blacks and minorities is still well above 8%.

Used executive order to pass DACA, which is a form of amnesty for illegal aliens, a gross abuse of power, overstepping Congress which is the appropriate body to make law, not the President. This bill is also discriminatory against all those who are trying to come here using the normal, legal, means—some of whom have been waiting for years. Funny how no one ever mentions that issue—or how long it will be before these illegals are allowed to vote (Democratically, of course!)! Strange how these issues are never mentioned by the media!

Failed to stem the flow of illegal immigrants to our country. The Obama administration also continues to import foreign workers, despite the fact that millions of our legal citizens are still struggling to find full employment, or any employment.

Wasted billions of dollars “investing” in “green energy” companies that ultimately failed. At least one, Solyndra, was a totally avoidable loss if the barest minimum of fiduciary responsibility was exercised.

Reduced our standing with other countries due to his “apology tour”, and his bowing down to a Saudi Arabia king—something none of our leaders have ever done!

Blocked the Keystone Pipeline, which would have provided thousands of well-paying jobs, and helped reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Price of gas before Obama took office: $1.87/gallon—now: $3.75+, was as high as $6.00 in CA.

Virtually destroyed our relationship with Israel, one of our strongest allies in the Middle East.

Took several expensive vacations, all the while telling us how we can cut back! Just put more air in your tires!

…and I could go on, but you get the idea. Do we really want 4 more years of this destruction?

I know I don’t!

9/11-A brief note, and thank you.

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Tomorrow, September 11, 2012,  marks the anniversary of a very dark day.

On this day, nearly 3000 people were murdered by Muslim terrorists, the terrorist group known as Al Queda took responsibility for the event.

Just like with Pearl Harbor, we should remember that 9/11 occurred, and memorialize all those who perished, or were injured, or played a heroic role in the rescue effort.  Simultaneously, we must also remember that not all Muslim people are terrorists, we must not let our emotions become a vessel of prejudice against those Muslims who are peaceful.

To all those who lost loved ones on that day–I’m sorry for your loss.

To all those who helped rescue people–putting their own lives at risk in many cases, thank you, you are what makes America such a great country.

Thank you also to all the countries around the world that gave their support, and condolences, in our time of grief.

Remember 9/11 for what it was, don’t let it become another sale day for the advertisers!



Bye-Bye Barney (Frank) !

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To celebrate Barney Frank’s (D)(MA) departure.

Bye Bye Barney

Copyright John M. Hanevy 2011

(to the Janis Joplin tune “Bye Bye Baby”)

Bye, Bye Bye Barney bye-bye
I’m so happy that you’ve gone away,
We don’t want your redistribution or your liberal sleaze,
Bye-bye Barney, bye-bye

So long, you nitwit, so long
Too bad it had to take so long,
I just wish that Nancy was leaving with you,
Right here on this road, on the road you’re on today.

I get the feeling that you robbed us all blind,
And gave away free houses on the taxpayer’s dime
Honey, I ain’t got the money to fund your welfare state
I’ve got lots of bills I’ve got to pay.

I know that you got things to do and places to be
I guess you’ve got a lot of boyfriends that you want to see.
I may wind up in the street thanks to your policies
But still I’m so happy to see you leave.

Bye bye Barney Bye Bye
I guess you know you’re on your own
It seems you just got lost without your buddy Chris Dodd
And he left you there to face it all alone
He left you there to face it all alone
He left you there to face it all alone
Bye Bye Barney, Barney Bye-Bye

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan–Good and Bad

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I read Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan on his website, here’s my take on it.
It’s not all good, but it is mostly good. Here’s what I like: repeals the 16th amendment that allows Congress to levy an income tax (but good luck accomplishing that!), kills the death tax (long overdue), and flattens the tax structure for all.

Now the bad.
“Features a platform to launch properly structured Empowerment Zones to renew our inner cities”
That sounds like another welfare program to me.

“Ends nearly all deductions and special interest favors”
The key words here are “nearly all”, this gives a lot of weasel room so they can still take care of their favorite special interest groups–and both sides of the aisle have them! It’s like the phrase “and other purposes” that you see frequently in budget and bond bills.

I’m also concerned about establishing a new tax, the national sales tax. Since this is not an income tax, even if the 16th amendment is repealed, Congress would have control over its rate. It could be, and will be, raised any time they desire to pay for programs “for the public good” or “for the children”, etc.

Another problem is implementation. What happens to the current long-term deductions businesses, and some individuals, have on their books? Things like depreciation, long-term carry-over losses, and so on. Are those lost immediately? If so, that would put an initial crimp on many businesses, and could actually hurt the economy in the short term.

Some proponents of the Fair Tax plan claim that the IRS would be eliminated, but Cain’s plan doesn’t say that. The IRS will still have a function as long as the abomination of Obamacare exists–they are the “watchdogs” of that plan.

Overall, while I agree Cain’s plan is a step in the right direction, there are still a few issues that need to be worked out.

Here is the link to Cain’s website:

and an “unbiased” view from NPR:

It’s 9/11 Remembrance Day–NOT Patriot Day!

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Today is September 11, a day of remembrance for all those who were murdered by Muslim terrorists on that day–at the Pentagon,  at Stonycreek Township, PA (near Shanksville), and at the World Trade Center.  Nearly 3000 people lost their lives that day, including many firemen and police officers who were tasked with rescuing people from the terrorist attack.  To call this day “Patriot Day”, with no reference to the event itself, diminishes the memory of the event, those murdered by Muslim terrorists that day, and the great sacrifice of many first responders. To not include the firefighters and police officers  in the memorial ceremony is an insult!

We don’t call the remembrance of Pearl Harbor day “Patriot Day” , why are we sweeping the significance of this attack by Muslim terrorists under the rug? Why are we being “politically correct” about a Muslim terrorist attack, when we weren’t about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor? Is the Muslim terrorist attack of less significance than Pearl Harbor? I think not!

The day should be renamed “9/11 Remembrance Day” so the significance of this event is not lost on future generations–many of whom were not even born when this happened.  Otherwise the “schools” will cover it up, and spread the liberal dogma that this never happened, that it was an “inside job”, or that it was our “faulty policies” that were the root cause–not Muslim terrorists who want destroy the Western way of life and convert everyone to Islam under pain of death!

I am tired of the “politically correct” covering up events because they don’t want to offend people. There is nothing offensive about the truth! Muslim terrorists killed nearly 3000 people on September 11, 2001–not faulty policies, and it was not an “inside job”!

Don’t let the media obscure the real reasons for this day of remembrance. It is not to “provide community service” or any other laudable purpose. It is to remember those who were murdered by Muslim terrorists, and to remember those first responders, and others, who helped in the rescue and recovery missions. If we allow the media to frame this as “Patriot Day”, it will be just a matter of time until we start seeing “9/11 sale” ads, and the significance of the day will be completely lost.

Obama’s Speech Notes, July 25th, 2011

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For the first time ever! A look at Obama’s speech notes for July 25th, 2011.

My Speech to the Nation about how Republicans are causing the Debt Crisis.

1)    Explain how we got here—“It was like this when I took office”–Blame Bush

2)    Blame Republicans

3)    Explain how excessive spending caused problem—Blame Republicans

4)    Take responsibility for problems that my own policies caused.

5)    Threaten not to pay Social Security benefits

6)    Threaten not to pay military personnel

7)    Explain that if a deal that includes “revenue raisers” is not passed soon that we will go into default—Blame Republicans

8)    Attempt to galvanize my base to call in support of my proposals.

9)    Close.  NOTE : Remember to say “God Bless America”, NOT “Allah Ahkbar”


July 4th–Take Stock of Your Freedoms

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As we celebrate July 4th, our Independence Day, it is important to take stock of all the freedoms that we have—and to protect the ones we may be in danger of losing. If we don’t do this, we run the risk of losing our freedoms permanently through our own inattention.

We must pay attention to the details. If the government can tell us that we must purchase health insurance, what else will we be required to purchase? If the government can tell us that we can’t purchase incandescent light bulbs anymore, even though they are perfectly safe, what other useful products will they forbid us to buy? If the government can revise history by placing the words “under God” in our pledge of allegiance (done in 1954), what other history will they revise? If the government can renege on the “promises” of social security and medicare, (by changing the “benefit” levels) what other “promises” will they break? These are just a few examples.

We all have a duty as citizens to protect our freedoms when they are threatened by external forces, or by internal ones. External threats are dealt with by use of military force. Internal threats must be dealt with by voting those threats out of office. It is imperative that we all become more aware of the freedoms that we have lost during the current administration, and those that we are about to lose, so we act accordingly in the next election cycle.

Reagan Jokes about Democrats

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